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Ambia Health was founded and is run by professional UK Consultant Radiologists. We can also access expert NHS Consultant Radiologists from hospitals throughout the UK, who will only report for us in their sub-specialist area.

Every member of the Ambia Health team is a specialist in particular body areas and sub types of radiology.

We offer an effective and professional second opinion service delivered by qualified, highly experienced and multi-skilled radiologists. Confidentiality is always maintained and uniquely, every report is re-reviewed by a 3rd radiologist to ensure clarity and maximise confidence.

Professionally administered second opinion services

Our second opinion services include:

reviewed by specialists

A specialist scan report by a UK Radiologist who has completed the rigorous training of the Royal College of Radiologists and is expert in their field. When we assess medical images for our client we write a clear and precise report, giving further advice where needed.

Media image storage

We can store all of your medical images totally securely at a Crown Campus data centre, used by the NHS and the UK government. You will then be able to access these from anywhere at anytime, also sharing them with whoever you want, whenever you want.

Medico-legal assistance

Professional Medico-legal assistance for claimants or personal injury/medical negligence lawyers.

Consultant Radiologists and second opinions

We have access to Consultant Radiologists throughout the UK including leading London Teaching Hospitals and specialist UK medical / surgical centres all of whom are fully indemnified.
We only select Radiologists we trust will provide expert opinions on all CT, MRI and X-ray imaging, including but not limited to lung, prostate, abdominal, pelvic, breast, brain and musculoskeletal radiology.

Ambia Health Philosophy

We believe that the best way to get an accurate reading and diagnosis is for your scan to be reported an expert in that area to avoid ambiguous reports. Our Radiologists are encouraged to collaborate with other Radiologists in our organisation when assessing difficult cases. We also recognise the importance of time and a quiet environment. 

We know that getting an accurate reading of your scan may:

(a) alleviate the concern that you have been wrongly diagnosed 

(b) provide a new diagnosis if we disagree 

(c) clear up any potential confusion that has resulted from the original report.

Why get a second opinion

You may wish to get a second Radiology opinion to confirm a diagnosis, because a previous report was ambiguous or if your symptoms persist. 

There may be a conflicting opinion or a lack of clarity about certain issues. You could also need a medico-legal opinion, or an expert report for insurance purposes. 

If this is something that you need or you are interested in finding out more about it we’d love to talk to you.

Our medical second opinion process

Our second opinion services are easy, quick and affordable. Our processes are tested and proven so that we deliver an accurate and professional report on your medical images:


Provide us with your medical images

Simply provide us with your medical images and report. We’ll do the rest.


Specialist review

Each scan will be assessed by a sub-specialist Consultant Radiologist and the report reviewed by a partner giving you confidence in what we report.



Accurate reporting

We’ll then provide you with a detailed report of our findings and where appropriate recommend an action. We can also provide medico-legal reporting and liaise with your insurer where required.

We will carefully re-review all MRI, CT scans and X-rays

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