Medical Second Opinions: Frequently asked questions

Due to the unprecedented demand for scanning and the lack of Radiologists in the UK, high quality reporting on medical images is now more difficult to guarantee. Unfortunately, discrepancies and mistakes are not uncommon. These can range from low-impact changes to seriously missed findings that greatly alter medical outcomes.

Ambia Health offers reliable reporting services on medical images. If you are thinking about getting a second opinion on medical image scans we can help. However, you may have some questions.

Here are some of the most asked questions we answer every day.

Your scans will all be scrutinised by a Consultant
Radiologist with a specialist interest in the relevant clinical area. The report will then be looked at again by another specialist radiologist.

For example all Chest CT scans will be reported by a respiratory radiologist. You can expect a detailed report with the name of the consultants attached.

Yes, we use an encrypted portal to transfer your scans and
email you the report. 

Your images are securely accessed via UK Cloud. This used by the NHS and UK Government and is totally secure. It is a Crown Campus Data Centre. Images will be held for one week after your report has been sent (in case it requires another re-review). After one week your images will be deleted from UK Cloud.

We will always look at your scan again if you are unhappy.  We will not however change our report for any reason other than relevant clinical information.

Yes we can. We will compare with relevant previous imaging that is uploaded. This helps us come to the correct clinical decision and we charge a nominal fee of £10 per scan that we compare.

We cannot guarantee that your images will be of good enough diagnostic quality. We can only make statements about areas of the body that we can see in enough detail

Due to a lack of Radiologists scans are commonly left unreported for long periods of time. We may be able to report your scan more
quickly and will work within your deadlines where possible.

We would like to be able to liaise with your GP in the unusual event of feeling that this is necessary for clinical reasons. If you are not happy to do this please email us directly.

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