Expert second opinions on medical images

Why choose Ambia Health?

Medical imaging is a fundamental part of healthcare and diagnosis, however it is frequently overlooked.  We provide expert second opinion medical imaging reports through our network of UK Radiologists.

At Ambia Health an experienced, sub-specialist Radiologist will carefully re-review your MRI, CT scans and X-rays to ensure that the correct diagnosis has been made.

Let Ambia Health give you peace of mind with our professional and easy to use second opinion service.

We also provide employee benefit packages, medico-legal reporting and will liaise with your insurer where required.

Why get a second opinion?

All Radiologists work hard to avoid mistakes but errors occur for many reasons and reducing these risks in a busy hospital environment can be challenging. The best way to get the right answer and avoid harm is to seek an expert second opinion.

The volume of medical imaging performed in the UK increases year on year.  However, the UK has the lowest numbers of Radiologists per head of population in Europe. When these issues are combined with interpretation factors (detailed right), it is easy to understand why misdiagnosis and discrepancy can occur.

At Ambia Health we are dedicated to delivering accurate imaging reports by ensuring that scans are only reviewed by Radiologists with specific expertise in your area of concern (e.g. musculoskeletal radiology, cancer imaging, neuroradiology). Furthermore, each second opinion report is reviewed again by one of the partners to ensure clarity and provide further confidence.

Different Radiologists may interpret the same scan image differently depending on:

What can we do for you?

As a patient you may want an expert second opinion on your medical images. We offer a simple way to obtain this, providing a confidential written report of our findings. Each scan will be assessed by a specialist Radiology Consultant. The report is then further reviewed by one of the partners before being issued to the patient. This gives our clients total confidence in our reporting.

Ambia Health Consultants are highly qualified Radiologists with many years of experience. Our specialists will look at the scans carefully without interruption or the pressure of a heavy workload.

Our services

We offer a total service for clients looking for a second opinion on medical scans and images. A re-review of your imaging may provide new information or highlight a discrepancy in the initial report. This can help confirm or refute a diagnosis & provide you with confidence.

A second opinion could completely change your life. A re-review of your imaging may provide new information or highlight a discrepancy in the initial report.

How the process works

Everybody is entitled to obtain their images for free. You can either upload your scan or post an image on CD or memory stick to us. Here’s how to access your medical images from a hospital:

Step 1: obtain images & report

  • Contact your hospital and ask for the ‘PACS department’. This will usually be part of Radiology. They will organise access to your medical images. If you do not have a computer
    with a CD drive please ask for images on a memory stick/USB drive.

  • Ask for a copy of the scan report also to be put on memory stick / USB drive

Step 2: upload or send images

Once you have your images on a memory stick/USB drive click the link below to make an account and upload the images and the original clinical report.

Create your account here


Post your CD or memory stick following these instructions.

Step 3: await report

The Ambia Team will ensure they have the correct information and contact you if further information is required. You will receive an email notification within a week (usually 48 hours) when your report is available. The report is accessible via your secure AmbiaHealth account (or via post if images have been sent via mail).

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