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Second Opinion Services

Do you need a second opinion on your X-ray, MRI or CT scan?

Getting a second opinion for medical imaging is not very common in the UK.  However, we believe that seeking one can be incredibly helpful. It may provide you with reassurance, an alternative diagnosis or provide clarity on certain issues.

Why is a medical image second opinion important?

There is a national shortage of qualified Radiologists in the UK. The NHS is a hugely overworked organisation and demand for medical imaging has substantially grown over the last 20 years.  Unfortunately, that demand has not been adequately matched with more resource.  As a result, in many regions, NHS health professionals are struggling to keep up with unrealistic workloads with some Radiologists leaving to work abroad.  Even within the private sector there may be Radiologists reporting in areas that are not their ‘sub-speciality’.  When a high workload and human factors are combined discrepancy and errors are inevitable.

“The UK has the most profound capacity challenge and the lowest number of practising radiologists per capita.”

Currently there are only 4.7 Radiologists per 100,000 population. This is the lowest number amongst all the countries analysed in the report.

The UK Radiology workforce is currently understaffed by >1800 radiologists.

This is where Ambia Health provides value for our clients.

Ambia Health second opinion

Ambia Health specialists will look at medical scans carefully without interruption or pressure.  Two Radiologists looking at the scan are more likely to negate any human error. That’s exactly what we do at Ambia Health.  Every scan we report on will be studied by an expert Radiologist and the report reviewed by an Ambia Health partner to ensure clarity and maximise confidence.

We can provide second opinion reports for:

Your imaging does not need to have been performed in the UK. This service is available to clients in the UK who have had imaging anywhere in the world, including Europe, Asia and North America.

Our service include opinions on:

Second opinions on medical images

We can provide reports for the following scan types:
Xray hands

X-ray scans

X-ray scans are very common. Millions of X-ray images are created across the country every year.  Compared to other types of medical scans, X-rays are relatively cheap, quick and easy to undertake. 

Radiology Consultants read X-rays quickly.  X-rays can be very helpful in diagnosing lung conditions and bone injuries.

CT Scan

CT scans provide much more detail and are not just used for cancer diagnosis exclusively.  They provide excellent imaging of the lung, liver, kidneys, pancreas, bowel, lymph nodes and some areas related to the musculoskeletal system.

CT lung image

MRI Scan

Lots of MRI scans are done in hospitals every week. In fact they have increased 220% over a 10-year period.  Electromagnets are used to align hydrogen ions in your body to give very detailed images.  MRI scans are often used for seeing the soft tissues. They can exquisitely reveal sports injury and diagnose conditions such as arthritis.

Ambia Health are specialists in studying MRI scans, especially of the spine, joints, prostate, bowel and brain.

PET CT reports

This is a type of nuclear medicine study where the patient has a radioactive isotope injected into their bloodstream.  Cancers and inflammation will often give off a radiation signal after the injection which is then used to create a scan. These scans can be quite complex to interpret.

Please note; the fee for PET CT reporting is £300

Ambia Health Professional Services

Put simply, we provide our clients with the highest quality of confidential radiology reporting for medical image scans.  We pride ourselves on the level of service we deliver. 

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