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At Ambia Health we issue medical image second opinions for many different reasons. One of the most important is to provide reports that act as legal evidence. Ambia Health medical reports can be used in this medico-legal capacity.

It is essential that we give professional and reliable reporting for our clients. We want you to rely on us for impartial, accurate and expert advice. If your accident lawyer is instructing you to get a second opinion on an X-ray, CT or MRI scan, we can help.

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What is medico-legal work?

Medico-legal is a term used to describe reports or examination work undertaken by medical professionals for civil litigation cases. They are often used for personal injury claims or medical negligence as evidence in a case. 

Medico-legal work can be referred to in a legal matter where professional medical evidence is required to prove or disprove a feature of the case. Medico-legal reports are used in civil claims to claim damages for victims of personal injury, disease or medical negligence.

Second Opinions Count

When a person has had an accident they may need a medical second opinion to win a compensation claim. A common scenario for when medico-legal evidence is helpful is a car crash. A patient needs a scan of their injury or a second opinion from a trusted source for legal evidence of fault.

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Ambia Health Medico-legal services

Ambia Health is a trusted source for claimants looking for professional help. We also provide services for medical negligence solicitors that seek to help for their clients.

At Ambia, we understand that a medical second opinion could help you to win a legal case. That’s why we are committed to providing a service that empowers you to feel confident when you make a personal injury or medical negligence claim. We will always take the time to re-review all MRI, CT Scans and X-rays thoroughly, using our expertise to report accurately and quickly. 

Whether you are a claimant, or a lawyer representing a claimant, we are here to help you with your medico-legal needs. 

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